20 years field experience in West Africa

= skills, know-how & reliable partners to advise you and develop your supply chain.

Through or long-term advisory/consulting missions and/or concrete 2.logistic operations execution :


– good long term partnerships with farmers, women groupings, traders, suppliers, bankers, forwarding agents, customs, transporters, drivers…etc

– negotiating abilities

– large scale organisation of direct farm gate purchases

– global logistic vision to set up concrete efficient storage and freight solutions across several countries

– business intelligence to define strategies

– ability to organise import-export customs transit operations (hinterland & costal countries)

– management of efficient cash flow between various actors and country of the supply chain.

– ability to achieve concrete results in terms of price, quality control, traceability and timelines.

– resolve disputes about quality, quantities, deadlines…

– risks management

– support for auditors missions

– implementation of financial and quality control procedures

– set up of Key Performant indicators for daily reporting and decision support

– fair commercial practices

– organisation and follow-up of certifications : organic, sustainable, fair

– Blockchain : for the moment technically incompetent, but passionate enough to participate to implementation of Blockchain technology into niche raw materials procurement chains in Africa, Asia and South America


We propose also to execute concrete logistic operations in Europe or West Africa :

  • put trucks to run on recurring transport contracts : conventional or specialized semi-trailer as foograde tanks, refrigerated…etc on request
  • plan et transports your goods from ports to customer or from farms to ports
  • plan and execute your Europe import and transit, conventional or special freigtht
  • propose storage warehouses solutions

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