SHORTENING IMPORT & DISTRIBUTION by Tradev in FRANCE / EUROPE : 100 % sustainable & vegetable fats from Apical

In January 2023, Tradev becomes importer and distributor of Apical Shortening in France and Europe.

Apical is a Indonesian leading vegetable oil processor.

Fats and oils play a crucial role in forming desired tastes, textures, and determining cooking methods.

Apical’s sustainable vegetable oils, including its derivatives are suitable for various applications.

Shortening in particular improves functionaly and ensures superior quality for Bakery, Pastry, Biscuit among others.

Solid at room temperature, shortening is used in a baked product to reduce the development of gluten, giving specific foods stuff a crisp and crumbly texture.

While margarine contains water, salt, flavour and emulsifier, shortening is 100% fat with a bland taste.

It is suitable for a wide range of bakery applications and usually used by professional bakers,
industrial bakers, hotels, restaurants and cafés.

Apical shortening are trans fat free !

TRADEV offers shortening in cartons of 25 kgs or directly full 20′ containers with 22 tons.

Here is the Apical brochure for Shortening and Filling

And here below the 3 standard shortenings Technical Data Sheets of the 3 shortening Tradev starts to import and distribute.

They have been choosen for their wide range of apps in industrial bakery & pastry.

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